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Should you change SSH port on VPS?


Hello there, I receive a message asking me to change my SSH port im wondering if this is necessary or not? There's two sides of the argument that ask you to change or not what do you think about it?

I know this is old post but i just want tel about SSH port change. I just want to say that according to security purpose you have to change your SSH port number.
Its because default SSH port is 22 and everyone know this, so for security purpose you have to change it.

You have to change port in sshd_config file and for uncommented port settings line. you can find your "sshd_config" file in /etc/ssh/ path.
After changing it you have to restart sshd service to reflect the changes

For detailed steps you can check this link: https://hoststud.com/resources/how-to-change-ssh-port-on-centos-linux-server.151/

To establish remote access, you need to use an SSH client, such as the built-in OpenSSH client in Linux, to connect to your SSH server. The connection is commonly done via the standard SSH port 22/TCP. ... Therefore, changing your default VPS port can add an extra layer of security.

Yes for security


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