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Fastest way to migrate cPanel to cPanel account having 200 GB


Whats the fastest way to migrate 1 cpanel account with more than 200GB in size?
Both has root access..

Thank you!

Create backup of your account on source server then move it using rsync to your new server and restore it using restore command or from WHM panel.?

Created a full account backup by using script command (/script/pkgacct <username>) then move backup file by using rsync command.

You can use Linux commands to transfer 200GB data from one server to another.
For that you can use either rsync command or scp command.

- scp command: scp -P port -r [email protected]:/home/path /home/destinationpath
- rsync command : rsync A host:B

These both the commands used to transfer data but rsync command is better because it uses delta transfer algorithm which makes transfer more faster.

Using cpanel to cpanel is the best and fast way


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