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Shared account to sign up with ... help me to make a right choice ...

Started by Gerich, December 25, 2019, 09:44:30 PM

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Shared plans from HostSailor.com (60% off + free .com) and QHoster.com (CR2QS5B85D -30% OFF) are enticing for me and I have to stick to only one, which is that? Intend to host a forum.


I must say that QHoster.com is an excellent web host provider that offers affordable hosting solutions for running any kind of web sites.
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Never heard about them but you can find many better and good hosting company,

What is your budget?

Get Premium Web Hosting from Dewlance


Use shared plans from reliable providers: libertyvps.net and rockhoster.com.
Technical Support deserves particular recognition for his ability to resolve problems speedily and in a very considerate manner. They are exactly what you would hope for from technical support.


I am very pleased with service from QHoster.com cPanel web hosting. They have always been prompt and effectual in helping me.
Use the code: CR2QS5B85D -30% OFF! Applies to all shared and VPS plans, 3+ month period of order!
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