SMF 2.0.17 Released
« on: December 31, 2019, 06:03:12 PM »
Simple Machines has released a new patch to the 2.0.x line of SMF, bringing our latest release version to 2.0.17.

We consider this patch to be of crucial importance, as it includes an important fix for a critical bug that was introduced in SMF 2.0.16.
  • Fixes a bug that could cause SMF 2.0.16 to start consuming significant amounts of CPU-resources when the RSS function was used.
  • Eliminates some deprecated function warnings when using SSI.php on PHP 7.2+.

Please see the changelog for more information.

Since SMF 2.0.17 is essentially what 2.0.16 was intended to be and 2.0.16 was released only a few days ago, we are including a (slightly updated) version of the SMF 2.0.16 announcement for your convenience:

SMF 2.0.16 contained important security and bug fixes, as well as support for the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. We recommend updating as soon as possible.

Notable changes in 2.0.16 & 2.0.17
  • Support for privacy policy in addition to registration agreement
  • GDPR Compliance toggle in Core Features
   Enabling this configures multiple settings and new features to comply with the GDPR, including:
  • Requiring members to accept the current privacy policy in order to use the forum
  • Asking during registration whether the new member wants to receive announcements via email
  • Enabling token-based unsubscribe links in emails so members can unsubscribe without logging in
  • Allowing members to download a copy of their profile information
  • Adjusting the behaviour of a number of other features in minor ways as necessary
  • PHP 7.2 support
  • Improved security hashes for the image proxy
  • Improved security for the login cookie
  • Assorted other security improvements
  • Various improvements for both the installer and upgrader