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Windows vs MacOS? (Privacy Wise)


Which operating system you prefer to use?

From Windows 10, Microsoft started collecting data from user even if you opt for not sending any data to Microsoft.

Privacy wise, MacOS is good?

MacOS is good enough but I would prefer and recommend Windows.

Everyone will answer by saying that their favorite OS is the best. For those who have been using Windows for a long time, it will be a better experience. Linux is superior for folks who seek complete control over their actions. However, they are in the minority.

On Apple devices, macOS is a good compromise. The majority of iMac and MacBook customers are unaware that macOS is based on the BSD Unix implementation.

This is of no interest to the general public.

What important is that Mac OS satisfies their requirements. This leads us back to what matters in IT: a technology must first and foremost serve a user's demand.


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