VPS sponsor for my Android Project
« on: May 18, 2020, 08:54:31 AM »
I don't know if it is the correct subforum to post this, so if I am wrong please guide me and delete this post instead of banning.

About the Project:
Project Sakura is a Custom Android ROM built around Lineage OS. Its primary focus is to tweak Lineage OS to add more functionality and UI changes to the original Lineage OS. Currently we offer official support to 4 Android devices and more coming in the future. We don't earn from anything from the users not even from the ads.

How many users:
As for the download numbers are concerned we have now 2000 monthly installations ( third party builds excluded). We now have 400 active members in telegram support.

Source Code and Website:
You can check this by visiting our GitHub organization, https://github.com/ProjectSakura
Or by visiting the website https://projectsakura.github.io

Resources we need:
we need resources to automate the builds for the ROM. we will deploy Jenkins and will be needing an 8 Core CPU with 20Gig of RAM and 300-400 GB of Storage. The OS must be a recent Linux distro which will be Debian or Arch based.

How can we return the favor:
We obviously don't earn anything, but we can put your links in our XDA threads and write on our blog and put an ad on our download page.

Thank You.