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Dedicated hosting

Started by RH-Calvin, July 15, 2020, 11:37:15 AM

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What are the advantages of a dedicated server hosting?
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There are a lot of advantages of dedicated servers from security, control, reliability

Unique IP address:
In dedicated hosting, you have a dedicated server in which you have a unique IP address.

Dedicated hosting allows enhanced security, particularly important for companies handling sensitive transactions over FTP or SSL.

In a dedicated server, you have full control of the server


Dedicated server hosting is a type of server that hosts your website/software/data on dedicated hardware that's not shared with other people. The key advantages of dedicated server hosting are the following: dedicated hardware, better performance, increased website security, reliability, and more.
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Dedicated servers provide more reliability and stability than the shared hosting. It makes sure that you are not sharing your space with any other malicious software or a potential spammer. Dedicated server leads to enhanced security, this is the reason it is essential for companies taking transactions over FTP or SSL. Moreover, the best-dedicated server hosting comes with 24×7 support to deal with failures and complaints which further ensures high uptimes.
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The following are some of the benefits of using a dedicated hosting provider:
1. There are no shared server resources. You receive the complete resources of a single server when you pick a dedicated hosting company.
2. Flexibility. 
3. Improved performance and security.
4. A unique IP address. 5. There are no costs associated with acquiring or maintaining equipment.

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Dedicated hosting is a secure server where you can protect your website or business-sensitive data. It will help to scale your business or the website. It provides you with a personal IP address.

Advantages of dedicated server hosting

1. Personal hardware:

A dedicated server provides dedicated hardware. In this server, you have the exclusive use of an entire server. You don't have to worry about sharing your server resources with other websites.

2. High security:

DDoS(Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks to increase your site traffic, and it is used to bring your site down. Dedicated hosting protects your website or business from malware attacks, DDoS attacks, and software vulnerabilities.

3. High availability:

In Most dedicated hosting, users get high availability. It means users get the advanced system equipped with redundant power supplies, a fully redundant network, RAID disk towers, and backups, ensuring the highest uptime and full reliability with no single point of failure.

4. Hardware choice:

users can choose hardware as per their requirements like:
  • CPU model
  • Number of core/thread
  • RAM size
  • Hard disk
  • Bandwidth
  • RAID
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Advantages of dedicated server hosting

1. Resources on the server are not shared. You receive all of a single server's resources when you choose a dedicated hosting company
2. Improved security and performance
3. Flexibility
4. Individual IP address
5. There is no expenditure for buying or maintaining equipment.

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Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting:

Greater Control & Flexibility: You have more control over the server with dedicated hosting because there are several configurable options for server configuration. You have the freedom to manage every aspect of these essential components, including the RAM, disc space, and other important ones, according to your unique needs.

Administrative Access: In contrast to shared hosting, dedicated server hosting gives you root access, or administrative access, allowing you to further customize your configurations and plugins to suit your particular requirements. Simply put, instead of relying on a "one size fits all" plan, you have administrative ability to tailor your hosting and server requirements.

Enhanced Security: Enhancing security tends to be associated with personalization and exclusivity. With a dedicated server, your security is maximized because you have sole access and control. As there is no one else using the server space that you do, the likelihood of threats and malicious assaults is automatically reduced.
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