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Features of Linux

Started by RH-Calvin, August 04, 2020, 07:35:23 PM

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What are the main features of Linux operating system?
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Top Features of Linux Operating System:
1. Portable Environment
2. Free and Open-Source
3. Shell/ Command-line Interface
4. End-to-end encryption
5. Graphical User Interface (GUI)
6. Configure Keyboards into Different Languages
7. Frequent New Updates
8. Lightweight Infrastructure
9. Extremely Flexible
10. Best For Developers


It is all about using Linux OS for a web hosting server. OS plays a pivotal role in running any device, including servers. It acts as a medium because all hardware can communicate and respond to the request of applications.

Also, for any single-user device, OS is important. For web servers, the role of the OS becomes more important as it is supposed to manage all hardware for various users. Below are some of the roles of Linux OS which will make you know more about it:

Managing applications
Controlling Input/output operations
Identifying and handling errors.
Resource allocation.

This is the key benefit of cheap Linux VPS hosting, as it provides dedicated allocation to all resources. It provides efficient service at a pocket-friendly price. Users can get the freedom to choose disk space and storage, RAM, and monthly data transfers.

Linux allows users to do multi-tasking; thus, they can run multiple programs simultaneously. Many other operating systems may not have such a feature. In Linux, when a user is working on one program, the other program can run in the background without any issues. Such a feature results in greater efficiency.
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