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Anonymous VPS deals, any recommendations?


Hey guys,
Do you know any professional web hosting provider for Anonymous VPS?
I would like to get 50 gbs of disk space. Linux. 24/7 tech support
Any hosting reviews? What do you think of Mydreams.cz Anonymous VPS deals? Is the price ok?
Any alternatives to compare features and pricing?

I would recommend Mydreams.cz anonymous hosting to anyone who asks me for quality, cheap web hosting.
This web host is simply the best when it comes to web hosting, the pricing is fantastic and the customer support is top notch.

Really cool experience. Mydreams.cz is the most reliable anonymous VPS hosting service I have ever tried before.
Everything works good. Their list of extra software installations is huge and their control panel is really easy to use.

Give mydreams.cz a try. I have dealt with the customer service on several occasions for minor questions and problems (mostly stemming from my lack of knowledge on a particular configuration) and they were happy to fully answer my questions and provide me with code hints to make my site work right.


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