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Reliable CDN ... where to have it from?

Started by HoipY, August 19, 2020, 11:55:43 PM

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Where can I have reliable CDN services from?
Inxy.com is the best in this spehere, am I right?


Here is what I considered:

Cost - storage and bandwitdh
Content Delivery method - http and https
Content delivery nodes/data-center locations - What's your closest location
Content privacy - can anyone with an e.g image URL access my images. meaning can content be locked to your domain or IP
Custom Domain - can I use a custom domain or sub-domain so that content URLs are formatted with my custom domain
API - how do I push my content to the CDN and is it tedious or not. are there open source plugins for porpular CMS e.g Wordpress in my case.

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