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Launching A Web Site With No Experience Has Now Become A Reality

Started by tk-hassan, September 25, 2020, 12:47:19 PM

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The total world population is almost 7.8 billion and more than 4.6 billion users are connected with the internet. Almost every business brand is launching a web site and using the social media trick to promote their product or services because a number of internet users are spending their time on different social media platforms. According to Statista:

  • Facebook has 1.79 billion daily active users
  • Instagram has 500 million daily active users
  • Twitter has 186 million daily active users
  • Snapchat has 238 million daily active users

Your business brand may get likes, comments, and followers on social media platforms but they want to learn more about your brand. So, where can they find complete information about your business? If your answer is something like you have your contact information including phone number, email and business address then you are doing a major disservice to your social audience.

Full Article Source: https://www.temok.com/blog/launching-a-web-site/


Yes, it is hard to imagine a modern business without a website. Most people use the Internet for search, so it is important to be presented online. I think this is the main reason why the amount of web design tools for non-coders has been increasing. Everyone can build a site today, regardless of skills and budget. In my opinion, one of the easiest ways to do this work without addressing a pro is to use a website builder. They offer all the needed options and a great number of beautifully designed templates. If someone is interested, here is a review with more details https://www.webbuildersguide.com/best-website-builder/. I personally worked with several of them and can say with confidence that everybody can create a website using these tools.

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