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PNG Vs JPG: Which One is Better For Your Website?

Started by tk-hassan, October 12, 2020, 12:24:19 PM

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In this digital world, there are many types of images according to their format but PNG and JPEG (or JPG) are most commonly used on the websites. At first glance, both images might seem identical but when you dig into the data, there is a quite difference between them. Don't worry I am going to cover both of the popular file formats, PNG vs JPG, including when to use them and why.

Each image format comes with its own pros and cons, so it is understood that a single format is not always better than others in any particular circumstance or business requirements including image quality, file size, background transparency and more.

In order to understand the concept, you need to ask yourself some questions for making a better decision. Is it a casual image or a detailed graphic? Are you planning to publish it on the company website? Is it your personal image? Answers to these questions will help you to select your optimal file type.

Full Article Source: https://www.temok.com/blog/png-vs-jpg/


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