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How do I find out the hosting data center?

Started by rohit35, January 16, 2021, 12:57:59 PM

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Hello everyone,

For an upcoming project, I'm trying to find a host who has its servers in a data center like a certain website.

The background: I want to create an info page that initially crawls data from a website and processes it. For this it is important that the data is picked up and sent as quickly as possible without many hops and high latencies. In my opinion, the easiest way would be to rent a server from the same hoster or at least in the same data center. The only problem is, I can't figure out exactly where the page is hosted.

If I ask the site at utrace.de I end up in Japan. Presumably only the domain was registered there.

If I query the site at Domaintools, I end up at Amazon in Germany (the site is represented internationally and I live in Germany) an IP reverse lookup, on the other hand, leads me to Seattle with the same IP.

Windows CMD ping leads me to an IP in Japan that belongs to Amazon. A CMD Tracert, on the other hand, takes me back to Seattle. The way goes over 30 hops.

I don't know if only one server is used or if the servers are distributed around the world.

Is there a possibility of reliable information about the host / data center of a large website? The safest option would be if I could query the complete link and not just the domain. Can you help me?


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