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Start inxy.hosting as low as $1 per 1TB or $0.2 per 1 Mbps!

Started by Santino, January 19, 2021, 09:24:32 PM

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INXY LDT marketplace offers you the choice of 6 major CDN providers,

but... IN CHEAPER rates than original providers have:

You can chose from:

Highwinds || Verizon || Leaseweb || UCDN || AhCDN || CDNnow

Short review of the providers here:

INXY will  help you reduce the CDN costs - our professional CDN experts will be there to advise ou client the

best solution.
All invoices in one place - Choose the products you like, pay on one site. You will never forget to make a

payment and won't put your business in danger.

Start as low as $1 per 1TB or $0.2 per 1 Mbps!

With each provider you get:

- lower price than original provider has
- 1 month free trial for any or ALL providers
- 24/7 premium class dedicated support team - 6 providers and same support team!
- CDN Traffic Package at the lowest price

Flexible payment options on your choice:

- pay as you go (PAYG, pay-as-you-go) payment model.
- packet Billing – Prepaid traffic packets from 1TB.

CDN is primarily needed for projects with a large audience in different regions or countries. Everything is clear

here: reducing delays, quick distribution of content and increasing the level of convenience, and, as a result,

more satisfied users. It can be:

- Projects focused on the distribution of gaming, multimedia content and all kinds of streaming;
- International e-commerce projects;
- Application or software developers;
- Any highly loaded site with an international audience.
Start with your new CDN provider now! 

Have questions? Please contact us:
Skype: inxy.com
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Messenger

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