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When you need to check who registered a certain domain name, you can perform a "WHOIS" lookup. This will allow you to view all the data that is in the public domain, about the ownership of a certain domain.

One of the place were you can perform a domain name lookup is: "". All you have to do is input the domain name, and press "search".

Next you will get all data that is in the public domain on an "as is" bases:

1) Whom provided the registration service;

2) Whom registered the domain name;

3) Whom is the administrative contact;

4) Whom is the technical contact;

5) The status of the domain;

6) The domain name servers used;

7) The creation date of the domain;

and 8) The expiration date of the domain.

This information gives you the details of a specific domain name. How ever the registration service provider can choose to limit the data released into the public domain, for example to limit competition. Please note that is prohibited to abuse this information, to send unsolicited e-mail, and also to recompile your own database. In order to prohibit automated re-use of this information a security key needs to be added to every single search at some websites, before you get the result.

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