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Comparing VPS deals from asvhost.com and kvchosting.net, which way is better to follow?

Amazing support, great service. I asked another hosting provider to do something little for me and they blew me off that I have to do it.
Kvchosting.net with the same problem solved the issue in a few hours. You guys are awesome. THANK YOU

Try VPS deals from QHoster.com and Rockhoster.com.
In my experience, the service I have received, including support, has been nothing short of excellent.

Well, after few months with kvchosting.net i can say servers are great and very reliable.
They helped me with setup and offer responsive ongoing support.

ASVhost.com as well as rockhoster.com VPS accounts are worth every cent you pay for their services.
Customer support was made easy with their online chat feature. Not technical issues so far from my end. Everything seems to work well.


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