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WordPress Static Site Generator - what are your views?

Started by Borabora, April 15, 2021, 06:44:14 PM

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Hey guys,
Need to consult with you regarding the WordPress Static Site Generator tool.
Recently came across flatsite.com - these guys offer Platform To Manage WordPress Websites.
Is it really good for PBN/ SEO/ WP sites management?


I like this WP management solution. What's more, FLATsite.com is also compatible with thousands of alternative plugins that can do the work for you, and if there's a certain function you can't find a tool for, the FLATsite support team says they'll happily point you in the right direction.
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Static sites enable you to decouple your content repository and front-end ... are built with the structure of a traditional database-driven site like WordPress.


You can change your static WordPress hosting server details at any time or even skip it for now, with all your files being placed on a local dummy site.
I am fully satisfied using flatsite.com solution. In essence, I really have received a fantastic service and would recommend them to everyone.
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I suggested you WebHostech for your wordpress site its cheap and reliable.

WordPress Premium Themes