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What is the best option for e-mail in the case of VPS hosting?

Started by rohit35, May 20, 2021, 10:02:09 PM

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Hi Guys,
so I am building a WordPress and WooCommerce based e-Commerce website and after doing some research I decided to go with VPS hosting from DigitalOcean since it provides the best value. The problem is that my client also wants an e-mail with the website domain, and I read that hosting your own email server is not that easy.
So the question is, what is the best option for the email if you are hosting your website in a VPS? Or should I go with shared hosting(SiteGround is what I have in my mind) just because they provide emails with their hosting plans?
Thanks in advance!


Accounts from kvchosting.net and hosting.uk are the best to sign up with.
The tech support is prompt and often the response will go above the level of information and assistance that I would expect to receive. Downtime has been almost non-existent.


I think you'd better check some dmca ignored hosting from hostplay.com.
I believe that would be ideal for your email based solutions.


Have a look there and I believe you will be able to find there something really decent.
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With your email hosted on a VPS, you can manage your email system and service in-house. It's a simple process that makes adding your email to your existing VPS platform a breeze. You may even set up a separate server for your email.

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