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Top 10 Scripting Languages You Should Learn in 2021



Scripting languages are used to write different scripts that contain several commands and are interpreted one by one at the runtime instead of compiling before running. Generally, Scripts are associated with web development and give instructions to the server, web browser, or standalone application to make dynamic web applications.

Keep in mind, all scripting languages are programming languages, but not all programming languages are scripting languages, so you need enough technical knowledge to use the appropriate one. Most popular coding languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Bash, Perl, Python, Ruby, and many others are scripting languages.

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language in which objects are reused as prototypes, and it has first-class functions (treated as variables). It is known as the best implementation of ECMA-262 Standard of scripting languages and uses the same syntax as ECMAScript; therefore, it doesn’t have a standalone specification.

It is not limited to frontend web development; it can be used in runtime and non-browser environments. Moreover, shells of some NoSQL and relational database management systems such as MongoDB and aforementioned use it as a scripting language.

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Thanks for sharing this article. I think Python, Java, PHP, Ruby and Perl could also be good options that you can include here.

1. C
2. Python
3. Java
4. C++
5. C#
6. Visual Basic
7. JavaScript
8. PHP
9. Assembly Language
10. SQL

These are top Langiages for 2021 and for 2022

I won't name all languages as they have already been mentioned here. But I can suggest checking blogs for web developers and designers out. Here is a list of the best ones I'm sure, you will find a lot of helpful information there. I personally follow Envato Tuts and Smashing Magazine. Maybe these sources will be useful for someone else.

Hey! Here is my list for this year.
I think I will not change anything in the next year.
1. Python
2. PHP
3. SQL
4. JavaScript
5. Java
6. C++
Also, I read some blogs of mobile app development companies like this company. If experienced people share with you some methods and solutions, this is even better than books.


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