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Need a dedicated server

Started by Recordial, June 07, 2021, 06:38:44 PM

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Hello Folks! I need a managed dedicated server. It should have an integrated gpu.
Like the ones which come with the i7 series or the E3-12X5 series. Ram 4Gb is enough. And HDD 50gb max. It should run windows.
Any provider recommendations?
What are your views on Tzulo.com server hosting packages? Is it good?


Services provided by Tzulo.com hosting are great. We have been a customer for 3 months. Support and Billing questions get answered quickly. I have primarily used their support desk for help although I have contacted their tech support guy via MSN as well as calling them when I was not near a computer and they have always been very helpful.


With those requirements, you can definitely look at ResellerClub's dedicated servers. They are one of the best in the market when it comes to providing dedicated servers to web devs or even SMBs.

They have an SSD or HDD option just in case you were looking for either of them. You will get full root access too with at least 8-10TB data transfer.


Compared to the others, Tzulo.com gives more bang for the buck in their different hosting packages.
Other web hosts limit how many domains you can use and then give you great amount of bandwidth...

Well done!
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Have you thought about using a VPS service instead. Take a look at www.PowerSurge.net. They have options for what you are looking for.


So far I've had a great experience with bodhost.com Dedicated Server Mexico, little to no technical issues, and when they do happen, the staff is quick to resolve them.

  • Managed Servers
  • Secure Environment
  • Application Optimized
  • Optional Firewall


Why would you need a dedicated server (4 key reasons)?

As we mentioned, dedicated hosting is one of the most powerful server's plans available, along with cloud hosting. However, you may be asking whether you need it. Let's review four reasons you should consider opening your wallet!

1. Your website is growing and needs to be able to handle an increase in traffic
2. Security is a concern for your website
3. You'd like your page loading times to be optimal
4. Having control over your server is important to you


Think that you will precisely not regret having looked at zetservers.com unmetered server hosting.
Uptime is fantastic and the ability to upgrade and downgrade is a plus.
In Europe, it's different:
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The name itself suggests that your website will receive a dedicated server. Such servers offer incredible power and flexibility to companies, but yes, it all comes with a high rate. Of course, it would help if you did deep research work buying any plan on a dedicated server. below are some reasons to choose dedicated hosting:

  • Your website will be able to handle tremendous traffic.
  • It will remain secure.
  • You can minimize the loading time of your website.
[lcustomizecontrol all the aspects and customized them as per need.[/li]
Dedicated Server Hosting | Web Hosting Mumbai


How many customers are on each server?


What kind of server reliability, additional features and uptime scores do they offer?
Swisshosting.io - Swiss Hosting| Dedicated| VPS!



Used Devrims an years ago. They have pretty good service and have 24/7 chat support. You also have an option to migrate your URL.


When it comes to a dedicated server, MyResellerHome is your best option. Our dedicated hosting basic plan begins at just $99 per month and can be purchased here. This basic plan comes with a variety of included features, including Free WHMCS, Free Domain & SSL for Life, Complete Root Access, and more. Please visit our website if you require any further information.


M2Host's dedicated hosting solution is quite popular. Our basic dedicated hosting plan starts at $59 per month and includes enterprise hardware, a 100% uptime guarantee, an industry-leading SLA, unmetered bandwidth, and much more. Please see our website for further information.