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Cloud providers with helpful techs?

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I'm looking for Cloud which has high accurate IP to buy.
So any providers can check IPs of their servers for me? What web hosts can you recommend me to look at?
What are your views on CoreSpace.com cloud solutions? Are they reliable?

The uptime is great, and when there are issues, which is rare, I am able to contact them within minutes either via Instant Messenger or phone 24/7 and they have the issues fixed within minutes. I wouldn't recommend any other host. Corespace is the only cloud provider I'll ever use.

I have suggested corespace.com cloud to anyone looking to get their feet wet in the world of web hosting.
Their support has been very responsive to service requests. Always seems to want to make the web hosting experience better.

I've had my website with Corespace.com for a number of years. It's solid as far as being up and running at all times.
I love the prices. The server was down for about 15 minutes one month. That's pretty good uptime!

It seems to me qhoster.com and libertyvps.net plans are worth trying.
Cheap, reliable and quality.


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