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Web Hosting features' that should always be standard.

Started by DemoTiger, June 29, 2021, 05:07:45 PM

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There are some features I think that should be included in any hosting plan and would be surprised to not find. For example- Availability of Backup. User friendly support website.

To start a discussion we can think of a real time support where we don't need to call on toll free numbers or open support ticket every time. Just launch a video available on support website and get your queries resolved. Is it ok not to offer real time support these days, and if not, then is it still a selling and advertising point?
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Scott Harwood

Free SSL and 24*7 support should always be standard.
Most hosting providers, in my opinion, offer a user-friendly help system online.
Imagine having issues with your site and being able to call or write a ticket to have them resolved as soon as possible. You get a response right away, and the issues are resolved, even if it's at midnight.
The idea is that real-time support is required 24 hours a day, seven days a week; it is far more efficient than attempting to solve it yourself by watching videos.
Furthermore, not all difficulties are the same, which makes it difficult to explain in videos.
Scott Harwood
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Hi, :)

I think that the great choice is a managed web hosting. It's perfect to have support team that can help you any time. My hosting company is Hostpro that helps me many times.


There are abundant factors that should be deliberated when selecting a firm (or person) to host your website. Your website will be unproductive if the hosting features do not suit your specific requirements. Defining what you requirement, in regard to web hosting features, and a little study on different hosting firms will make sure that you find the web hosting company that has the ability to meet your requirements. This is our list of the most significant features to consider when selecting a hosting company:

1. Multiple Domain Capability

2. E-mail Capabilities

3. Backup Capabilities

4. Support

These are what we consider to be the most important features to look for and compare when it comes to web hosting solutions. Figure out what it is most important to you and your website and then go from there.
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