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Any Ways to Boost WordPress Performance Speed?

Started by Cheston, October 07, 2021, 05:30:09 PM

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What ways can you recommend me to boost my wordpress performance and speed?
The thing is that one of my co-workers draw my attention to FLATsite.com static wordpress site generator.
Would like to know your views on it? Have you tried it?
Any other suggestions, please?
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ways to increase the speed of a WordPress page
1. Make your photographs as good as possible. The most prevalent cause of sluggish WordPress blogs is oversized pictures.
2. Turn on caching.
3. Think about it from the perspective of a mobile device.
4. Turn on GZIP compression.
5. Compress CSS, HTML, and JS files.
6. Make sure your plugins are up to date...
7. Make sure your database is clean.


WordPress performance and website speed depend on many factors including WordPress Hosting environment, theme selection, plugins etc. The basic steps are as follow:

  • Select the best WordPress hosting provider
  • Do not select theme having too much options. Just find the suitable and lightweight theme
  • Do not install too much plugins. Just install only necessary plugins
  • Use caching plugin like Litespeed Cache (Lscache), W3 Total cache, WP Super cache etc.
  • Use optimized image with lazy load
We have detailed KB of WordPress speed and performance optimization. You can refer our article WordPress Speed and Performance Optimization Tips.


If you wish to improve the performance of your WordPress site, follow the steps below.

  • Choose a more reliable web hosting service.
    Make use of a light WordPress theme or framework.
    Reduce the size of your images...


Cloudways is a service that I suggest. They just included Object Cache Pro (it's premuim WordPress Plugin and now you don't need to pay about 90 bucks every month for that) into their WordPress installation, and the sites are performing admirably right now. Try it now for free!


To speed up your website you should remember the following points :

You should buy a good hosting
Use light and fast themes (example: astra, generate press)
Upload compressed images
Try to use more written content
Minify and combine files
Don't use unecessary plugins
Don't use corrupt or heavy themes

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