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What is MEAN, MERN and MEVN?


These technology stacks work as the building foundation blocks of a website or mobile application. the first two and the last technologies (MongoDB, Express.js representing the letters ME, and letter N for NodeJS.) stays same in all the three technologies. The third acronym in each tech stack stands for a different technology. 

Let us discusses the full forms of these tech stacks

•   MEAN/MERN/MEVN– stands for

MongoDB – It is a ‘NoSQL’ database which is used for the storage of data at backend of JavaScript application. MongoDB is responsible for storing the user information.

Express.js – this technology is used for serving the content to the web. The information that needs to be sent across the internet via backend application is done by express.js tools.

Angular/React/Vue.js – It is a front-end framework for JavaScript.

NodeJS – This technology helps in running the JavaScript other than the browser.


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