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What is MEAN, MERN and MEVN?

Started by Technbrains, October 13, 2021, 07:49:38 PM

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These technology stacks work as the building foundation blocks of a website or mobile application. the first two and the last technologies (MongoDB, Express.js representing the letters ME, and letter N for NodeJS.) stays same in all the three technologies. The third acronym in each tech stack stands for a different technology. 

Let us discusses the full forms of these tech stacks

•   MEAN/MERN/MEVN– stands for

MongoDB – It is a 'NoSQL' database which is used for the storage of data at backend of JavaScript application. MongoDB is responsible for storing the user information.

Express.js – this technology is used for serving the content to the web. The information that needs to be sent across the internet via backend application is done by express.js tools.

Angular/React/Vue.js – It is a front-end framework for JavaScript.

NodeJS – This technology helps in running the JavaScript other than the browser.


MEAN, MERN, and MEVN are technology stacks that help people create websites and mobile applications.

MEAN stack is often synonyms with the entire technology stack due to its wide popularity. However, the reusable codes, end-to-end Java support, and use of a single language throughout the stack make MERN a preferred technology stack.

MERN stack comes as an updated version to the MEAN. As a result, the high-end applications created using the MERN offer highly engaging and interactive user interfaces.

MEVN stack offers one of the quickest developments of different mobile and web-based applications. It uses multiple tools to provide high-end performing apps for numerous clients.

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