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The Role of Blockchain, Web Hosting, & Cloud Hosting in Computing

Started by tk-hassan, December 28, 2021, 03:13:29 PM

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Businesses no longer need to operate using storefront doors to make sales. The internet era is shaping how we do business without necessarily having a physical shop. You only need to launch a website and run your venture from the comfort of your home. However, an online business can also have a physical location, but you still need a website to help widen your customer base. Every website needs a service to host it. Website hosting is the invisible yet fundamental part of every online business.

It is not easy to find a suitable host for your website, but legitimate companies offer quality hosting services. Most importantly, there is a range of hosting services to choose from depending on the needs of your business. We usually advise people to go for a hosting service that will sustain their online presence for as long as is necessary, even when the initial cost is high. These are the things one needs to consider before settling on a particular hosting method:

Support services
Amount of storage

Full Article Source: https://www.temok.com/blog/role-of-blockchain-cloud-hosting-in-computing/


Blockchain hosting provides enhanced security that makes it hard for unauthorized persons and robots to access sensitive information. Essentially, the service involves duplicating the transactions and other sensitive information and spreading it across the blockchain's network of computers.

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