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Ukraine assistance

Started by Hostingsinfo, March 12, 2022, 04:02:00 AM

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Hello Dear Fiends,

I represent Hostings.info, where we rate hosting providers based on all they have to offer. We are the leading rating of hosting providers in the CIS market - https://ru.hostings.info/, also we have an English website version - https://hostings.info/.

Our company is located in Ukraine and due to the current situation we are trying to reorient our efforts to Western markets and refuse to work with the aggressor country.

Despite the critical situation we do not ask for any financial help but would like to consider the possibility of cooperation with different hosting companies and forums.

Our rating is different from other ratings:

- honest reviews from REAL people, all reviews are moderated and structured manually by our moderators,

- constant communication with hosting representatives which guarantees the truthfulness and correctness of the information on our website.

Now we need your support and assistance. You can help us performing these simple steps:

- Place banners and/or any other information about our project on your forum,

- Create of a thread where our consultant could advise really high-quality hosting to your users, etc.

- Post some useful information about our company in your social groups.

We will be thankful for any dialogue and opportunity to be useful for your visitors.

We undertake to spend all income on:

- salaries to our employees (all of us are citizens of Ukraine),

- assistance for the Ukrainian army.

Thank you in advance.

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