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Announcing the (D)DoS Deflate Interface (DirectAdmin) Plugin!

Started by chetansingh09, March 29, 2022, 11:25:08 AM

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Greetings From Admin-Ahead,

The past few years have been really revolutionary from the technology perspective and we grew with the latest technology. Along the way, we had to face many threats as well and the DDoS Attacks are one the most destructive attacks that could destroy our services and business. Keeping this in mind, we came with the solution and have you covered.

With the tremendous Hosting Experience and our excellent R&D team, we have managed to help our customers (Plesk and cPanel) worldwide since 2010 and we are constantly committed to providing you with the best industry solution. We already have developed Plugins for Plesk and cPanel and now we are focusing on DirectAdmin and other Hosting Control Panels.

We are here to Announce our 2nd DirectAdmin Plugin called "(D)DoS Deflate Interface (DirectAdmin)".


  • Installation of (D)DoS Deflate
    Improved Ui/UX for better user experience
    Country-wise blocking
    Port wise blocking and unblocking
    Option to limit IP ban history
    Email Alerts
    Whitelist/Blacklist IPs
    View IP ban history
    Unban/Permanently block IP addresses
    Change temporary IP block time
    Free chat/email support for extension-related issues
    Product Page Link: https://admin-ahead.com/portal/cart.php?a=add&pid=174

Knowledge base: https://admin-ahead.com/portal/knowledgebase/71/DDoS-Deflate-Interface-DirectAdmin

In case of questions; please open a support ticket with us: Support
Skype : a-asttechs
WhatsApp: +91 930 260 3315
Web: Admin-Ahead

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