DirectAdmin vs cPanel | Which One to Choose, and Why?
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Your overall web hosting experience depends on the control panel features and usability, so you must choose it carefully. When it comes to web hosting, cPanel and DirectAdmin are the most popular and versatile control panel options out there. However, choosing between these two panels might be tricky, and you might get into the tiniest details. As we know, the fee for web hosting is continuously increasing, regardless of the higher competition and variety of alternatives available.

Well, selecting the perfect web hosting control panel requires you to understand the functionalities, performance, accessibility, and features of different alternatives available.

This post will have a detailed discussion on DirectAdmin vs cPanel hosting that discusses the difference and similarities between both control panels. So, let’s get right into it.

What is cPanel?

It is a UNIX-based web hosting control panel used by one of the biggest hosting companies. Using this control panel, the user can easily handle the management function effortlessly. The best thing about this control panel is that it is very easy to work on, regardless of your technical abilities.

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