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What is Unmanaged hosting?

Started by grofee, April 28, 2022, 01:23:39 PM

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Unmanaged hosting means a hosting plan with no (or very few) additional services or support.

If you have coding skills and you want complete control over your server you can go with unmanaged hosting.

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Unmanaged web hosting provides an entry-level platform for small businesses or individual users who want to build their own website without any help from a provider. This type of web hosting is not backed by a provider, and users are required to manage all aspects of the website themselves, including installation, security, backups, and updates. Although unmanaged hosting is less expensive than managed web hosting, it comes with several risks that small business owners should be aware of before making the decision to use this type of service.
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Unmanaged hosting is a type of hosting service that offers no (or very few) further services. You might, for instance, just get a server with an operating system installed and unmanaged hosting. This implies that you will subsequently be responsible for installing any required software. (By "software," I don't just mean WordPress, Drupal, or things like that; I mean even the foundational system software, like Apache or PHP.)

The hosting business itself doesn't offer any services or administer your server, which is why it's referred to as "unmanaged." You'll have to take the initiative if you want something done.
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Unmanaged server hosting really just means you have full control over your own website. That being said, since it is unmanaged, you are also responsible for your own site security, optimization, maintenance and updates over time. Yes, you will have customer service to ask questions and get help from when needed.
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