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Disadvantages of Email Marketing

Started by grofee, June 03, 2022, 02:30:17 PM

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Disadvantages of Email Marketing:
1. Spam issues
2. Undelivered emails
3. Unopened emails
4. Fierce competition
5. Ease of unsubscription
6. Need large audience to convert significant sales
7. Different email regulations for international customers
8. Design issues on different devices
9. Requires some copywriting skills


Disadvantages of email marketing
Some of the potential problems of email marketing include:

Spam - commercial email or 'spam' irritates consumers. If your messages aren't targeted to the right people, the recipient may delete your email or unsubscribe. You need to make sure that your email marketing complies with privacy and data protection rules, and that it is properly targeted at people who want to receive it. The 'click through rate' for untargeted emails is likely to be very low. See email marketing and privacy law.
Undelivered emails - poorly designed emails may not get delivered. Emails that use certain spam keywords or characters in the subject heading or content of the email, eg £££s, FREE, click here, are likely to be filtered out by email software and internet service providers. If you don't keep your marketing lists up to date, you will find incorrect email addresses mean your messages won't reach the right person.
Design problems - your email must be designed so that it appears as it should across multiple devices and email providers.  You may encounter a trade-off between design and functionality. Some people opt to receive text-only emails, consider how your message will look if this is the case. 
Size issues - files need to be small enough to download quickly. Emails containing many images may take too long to load, frustrating your audience and losing their interest.
Resources and skills - for a successful email campaign you must ensure that you have the right copy, design and marketing list. If you don't have the time or skills in-house, consider outsourcing some of these elements.

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