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Full Stack Developer skills

Started by grofee, July 05, 2022, 12:14:19 PM

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Full Stack Developer skills you need to know are:
1) Front-end technology
2) Development Languages
3) Database and cache
4) Basic design ability
5) Server
6) Version control system (VCS)
7) Working with API (REST & SOAP)


A full stack developer is a software engineer who is well versed with everything that there is to learn. He or she is expected to work on front end as well back end technology along with many other things such as API, database and server.

Now you must be wondering that in order to become proficient in so much, what skills are needed? Well, here are some of the top skills required to become a full stack developer-

Front-end Technology: When it comes to front end technology, the two most important yet basic tools are HTML and CSS. Along with these two technologies, a full stack developer must know other front-end technologies such as Angular and React JS.
JavaScript: For every programmer, JavaScript is almost a mandatory skill. Full stack development is also no exception. In order to keep in touch with the evolving world of tech, a good full stack developer must also know the latest JavaScript tools and frameworks. This way you will always possess the latest in demand skills and open to new job opportunities.
Backend Languages: And of course, you must also know how to code the back end or server side. Some of the most popular back end languages to choose from are- PHP, Python and .NET. Stick to one language, master it, and only then move on to a new one.
These were the top 3 skills required to become a full stack developer but of course it's never enough. Some of the other technical skills worth learning too are Database, GitHub, NPM, HTTP, Web architecture, VCS and UI/UX Design.

The next step after actually becoming a full stack developer is to choose a software stack among popular ones like MEAN stack, LAMP stack, MERN stack, Django stack, etc.

All the best in your journey as a full stack developer, hope this helps!

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