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XServer — Cloud virtual servers based on VMware from $6.75/mo. US & EU locations

Started by XServerCloud, July 23, 2022, 02:08:54 PM

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Hello everyone, we are from 🇺🇦 Ukraine!
We are pleased to offer Cloud Servers at our newest location in 🇺🇸 Florida, US.

Our Cloud Server Cluster consists of high-performance Xeon Gold processors @ 3.0GHz, lightning-fast SSD shared storage, advanced clustered networking, and industry-leading virtualization software from VMware!

Our features:
 * Flexible rates — build the precise configuration that perfectly matches your project requirements.
 * High Availability Cluster.
 * Inexpensive HDD storage for cold data.
 * Unlimited bandwidth @ 100Mpbs port, upgradable up to 1Gbps port with 100Tb bandwidth.
 * Free snapshots and backups.
 * User VLANs that interconnect cloud servers in all our locations.
 * Online resources increase without reboot/downtime.
 * Self-developed, simple, user-friendly and powerful control panel with a lots of nice things! For example, rDNS management, Web-console with clipboard support, IP address monitoring, custom ISO images, automated software installation, etc.

Here are typical configurations and prices:
CPU — 1x 3.0GHz
RAM — 2Gb
SSD — 20Gb
Price — $6.75/mo.

CPU — 2x 3.0GHz
RAM — 4Gb
SSD — 40Gb
Price — $13.5/mo.

CPU — 4x 3.0GHz
RAM — 8Gb
SSD — 60Gb
Price — $25/mo.

We also have locations in Ukraine and Bulgaria.


XServer – we build Internet. Since 2007.


By the way, here is a promo code for 30% off on the order of the VPS (in the US location only):
Valid until August 3, 2022

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