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How to rank fast on Google?

Started by grofee, August 16, 2022, 02:23:24 PM

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I also want to know about it in details, Nice Topic.


Target reasonable keywords
Check the keyword intent
Write long-form content about it
Do your on-page SEO

Here is your short checklist:

Keyword placement: Make sure your keyword is in your meta title, meta description, at least two H2s, in image file names, image alt text, the URL, and naturally in the body of your page.
Internal linking: Add links to the page from at least three other pages on your site.
External linking: Include 1-3 links on your page to relevant, trusted pages.
Optimize meta description: Keep it 155-165 characters and tell the reader the value they'll get by clicking on your page.


Keyword Research:Target low-competition keywords
Quality Content:Create valuable, well-researched content.
On-Page SEO:Optimize content and structure.
Page Speed:Improve website loading speed.
Mobile Optimization:Ensure mobile friendliness.
Backlinks:Build high-quality backlinks.


There are lot of methods increase Google ranking.

Content posting
Forum profile creation
Article submission
Bookmarking submission
Directory submission
Classified submission
Images sharing
Video sharing


Google's ranking metrics are designed to sort out billions of web pages to meet search intent by offering the most relevant and useful results within the shortest time possible.

Domains acquire ranking through Google's algorithmic process that considers different factors to evaluate the quality, relevancy, and utility of an answer to a search query.


You can rank in Google in less than one hour, sometimes within minutes of publishing, by posting an article on a Google News site. Depending on the topic and the "newsworthiness" of the article, you can rank above the organic listings extremely fast as Google will display the news section above organic listings.