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Domain Flipping: How to start Selling Domains

Started by FrankGan1, October 31, 2022, 02:50:00 PM

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Selling your own domain name should be the last thing to consider. However, sometimes due to their dormancy, this can be necessary.

Here is the little-known secret of what you can do with the domains that are not in use.

Domain names can sell at extremely high prices and sometimes they can go up to $ 2000 depending on their value. This should make you think twice next time before you  let your domain name expire.

Here are a few steps you can take with your domain name:

Get to know the value of your domain name -Visit sites like Namebio, Estibot, Namepros  or you can use domain appraisal tools (online tools that calculate the value of a domain name in real time)

Create For-Sale Landing Page with your contact info. Let any visitor know that the domain is on sale.

List your domain name for sale  or auction on  sites like Dan.com, Namebio,  Namepros, GoDaddy Auctions .

After getting a favourable client, agree on the Price and method of payment. Confirm your account  that you have received the money.

Facilitate the domain name transfer to the new owner.

Use part of the profit to register new domain names and build your portfolio of premium  domains.
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