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Plesk Obsidian video series (47 Videos) launched by DemoTiger

Started by DemoTiger, December 14, 2022, 11:46:46 AM

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DemoTiger has launched Plesk video tutorial series comprising 47 tutorial videos that display the logo of web hosting companies and guide the viewers how to accomplice a particular task in Plesk panel. With these videos on website, hosting providers will be able to give real time support to their customers. The videos can be hosted anywhere, such as YouTube, AWS, Vimeo, Server, and are easily integrated with your website.

Whole list of the tutorial videos are available on official website. Also the demo of more than half of the videos are available on the website.
For Plesk videos go to website -> Click to expand the Plesk Series -> Click 'View Demo' -> Watch Video

You can buy Plesk Video tutorials series from here.

You need to provide your brand logo or website url from where we can fetch your logo and custom brand the videos and put them on your website. For integration we provide you with a file and quick installation guide. With help of the guide you would integrate the Plesk videos in 2 minutes.

The purpose of the Plesk video series is to reduce your support tickets as well as advertise your brand logo on various video platforms and social media platforms using these helpful 'How-to videos' on Plesk.

With Thanks,
Team DemoTiger
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Reduce your Support tickets.
Video Tutorials by https://demotiger.com

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