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What is IP canonicalization?

Started by grofee, February 10, 2023, 05:54:53 PM

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IP canonicalization is the process of ensuring that your domain name and IP address resolve to the same URL. This same URL can be referred to as the canonical URL or page, which means that it is the preferred version when you have several versions referring to the same page.

Scott Harwood

IP canonicalization refers to the process of setting a preferred or standardized IP address of a website so that all requests are redirected to that address. This is important because a website can be accessed via different IP addresses, which can create duplicate content issues, confusion for search engines, and other problems.

IP canonicalization is important for a few reasons:

Avoid duplicate content issues: When a website is accessible through multiple IP addresses, search engines may see the same content as being duplicated across different addresses.

Prevent server overload: IP canonicalization helps to distribute traffic to a website's servers more evenly, which can prevent any single server from being overloaded with too much traffic. This can improve website performance and prevent downtime.

Search engine bots: Search engine crawlers rely on consistent signals to understand a website's content and structure. If a website is accessible through multiple IP addresses, it can create confusion for search bots, which can negatively impact the website's search engine rankings.

So IP canonicalization helps to avoid duplicate content issues and ensures that search engines and visitors are always directed to the same address.
Scott Harwood
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