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Do you have a good answer to this? How do I get an Elite domain name?

Started by Truehost Cloud, April 10, 2023, 04:11:51 PM

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I recently came across this question on Quora: How can someone get an elite domain name?

I tend to think that an elite domain name is also called a premium domain name which is a high-value domain name that was previously registered but now it is available for sale at a profit.

Some of the factors which contribute to the value of a domain name include; domain age, domain extension, domain popularity, domain length, domain authority (ahref and moz) and backlinks.

First of all, if you are looking to get hold of a premium, you must prepare to part with a huge sum of money. Often those who sell them intend to sell them at a profit.

Apart from Godaddy marketplace, I also know of Namepros as a good place where you can buy and sell a domain name.

Premium or Elite domain names are useful and necessary, especially for businesses or individuals who seek to protect their brand names by buying various domain extensions.

That's all I know for now ;D . If you visit Truehost Cloud you will come with very favorable deals on domain names and hosting plans.

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