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What is the process of domain registration?

Started by Truehost Cloud, April 20, 2023, 03:22:14 PM

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1. Choose a domain registrar
2. Search for available domain names and extensions e.g domainame.com,domainame.org, domainame.net, domainame.xyz etc  .Most registrars have the search tool embedded in their platform.
3. If your chosen domain name is available -Proceed and make an order
4. Create an account with your correct contact details
5. Choose the domain registration period -1 yr, 2yr, etc
6. Make payment
7. You will receive a verification email from the registry, kindly follow the instructions given to verify your down owners

You may consider purchasing a hosting account (a home for your domain)
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A domain name is acquired by registering with a service provider called a registrar, who will take care of all the necessary steps for you. Thus, to reserve a domain name, you must contact a web hosting provider, such as Apps4Rent The easiest way is to contact the provider who hosts your website directly.

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