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How Can I Break PST Files into Smaller Parts?

Started by RecoveryToolsAdmin, June 16, 2023, 05:30:18 PM

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if you are also one of those who are looking for a method to Split Outlook PST File into Smaller Parts, then here I will show you one of the best methods.

If you want to only decrease the size of the PST file, then you can compress your PST file or you can use the Archive method. but if you want to break your files. Then you should use the PST Splitter Software.

The software comes with amazing features and filters, and if your Outlook profile is not working then this tool will easily load the data automatically from the default storage location.

Even it supports all types of PST files, including corrupted, damaged, inaccessible, and orphan PST files. Also, it comes with a free demo version that allows users to split 25 items so that users can analyze the complete process.


It is important to break a PST file into smaller files because opening large PST files in Outlook can be problematic. MailsDaddy PST Split Tool is a software that splits your multiple PST files at the same time very easily. Split PST Tool preserves original meta-data properties and breaks corrupted, damaged PST files seamlessly. It also works with ANSI and Unicode both PST formats. By using this application users can divide PST files by specific date (year), folder, size, and email id. The PST splitter software is compatible with all versions of MS Outlook and Windows.


You can break large PST  files into smaller parts for improved efficiency and better email management. Overly large PST files can lead to Outlook performance issues and even data corruption. To address this, you can employ various approaches. Utilize Outlook's built-in archiving feature to move older items to separate files. Alternatively, employ third-party tools such as "ToolsBaer Outlook PST Split Tool" which allow you to split PST files based on criteria like size, or folders. These tools maintain data integrity while dividing files into manageable segments. By breaking PST files into smaller parts, you enhance Outlook's responsiveness and ensure smoother email organization, reducing the risks associated with large, unwieldy PST files. More Information Use the demo version of the tool.


Hey friend splitting or breaking a large PST file into a small PST file is important when you have low storage, sharing problems, etc. There are so many methods available for breaking oversized PST files into small PST files such as manual method, Automatic method, etc. As we all know both methods have their pros and cons so we can't judge them.

Now here is a step-by-step process to split large PST into small PST files using MS Outlook:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and go to the File menu.
  • Choose Open & Export and then click on the Import/Export option.
  • Select the option to Export to a File and then choose Outlook Data File (.pst).
  • Choose the PST file that you want to split and click on the Next button.
  • Pick the option to Split the PST file and enter the size of the PST file that you want to split it into.
  • You can also specify the location where you want to save the split PST file.
  • Click on the Finish button to begin splitting the PST file.

The process of splitting a PST file is very simple and straightforward. It takes only a few minutes to split a large PST file into different smaller PST files. This way, you can easily manage your Outlook data and store it in different PST files. There are still many users who find this method very hard and time-consuming then there is a solution for those users You can use any third-party software/tool/application according to your needs. I suggest you use Softaken Split PST Software. It is a straightforward and simple-to-use software.


Split the PST files into smaller files using the PST File Splitter. It helps to manage the Outlook data more efficiently. You can easily navigate to the desired PST files in the system and add the files to divide it into multiple files. All types of PST files to the software interface and split the files without the help of any external application.


If you looking for a way to break PST files into smaller parts I suggest you use third-party software rather than utilizing the manual method because the manual method has lots of drawbacks so the best way is to use a third-party application like Softaken Split Outlook PST File Software with the help of this program you can easily split your any size of PST file into smaller parts without any restriction or limitation. Also, users don't require any technical expertise to utilize this application. All MS Windows editions are compatible with the program. To know more Download the free demo version of this application