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[DemoTiger] Videos for Web Hosting Company /cPanel//Plesk/DA/ Submit your logo

Started by DemoTiger, August 09, 2023, 01:33:34 AM

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Branded video tutorials on cPanel, Plesk, DA, for your Knowledge-base/support website is available on Demotiger's official website. Submit your brand logo and build your Video knowledge-base website. You can upload the videos on YouTube, Server, etc., and integrate with your Website.


    Full HD 1080p, MP4 format, Fully customized.

    Display the logo of your brand

    Compatible with any devices or platform.

    Easy to integrate with your billing software. (WHMCS/Blesta/HostBill/Wordpress/Anyother)

    Helpful for boosting your website SEO/Ranking.


    cPanel Series - 110 Videos

    DirectAdmin Series- 44 Videos

    Plesk Obsidian Series - 47 Videos

    All Series - 201 Videos

    cPanel Series - 15 Videos - Free!

Go to Website and Watch Video Tutorials

Supported Platforms/Billing Software:

    Support WHMCS v5 to v8.x

    Support Blesta "Support Manager" and "Support Manager Pro"




    Video Embed code for adding it to non-supported platforms.

DemoTiger offers 15 Free cPanel Video Tutorials that display the logo of your brand. Fully customized videos attract prospects using cPanel for website management and looking for video tutorials on cPanel.

Just visit demotiger's website and place your order for 15 Free cPanel Video Tutorials. Submit few details and your brand logo that you wish to display in each of the videos. That's it, with in 24 hours you will receive download link of your customized videos on cPanel. Don't wait visit demotiger's website and build your video knowledge-base website. 

DemoTiger's videos don't affect your existing videos or articles on your website.

Buy All Videos
Video Knowledgebase
Reduce your Support tickets.
Video Tutorials by https://demotiger.com

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