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Need to find a new host

Started by Progamer, August 31, 2023, 12:06:24 PM

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I'm looking to move away from my current Host.
Currently I'm paying $20/mo for the following:
30gb disk space
1000gb bandwidth/mo
I'd like to find a web host for a similar price with established fast and helpful support who isn't susceptible to the IP blocking issues and downtime is. My current web host's support used to be great but is now largely useless. Backup services would be great, too, if possible.
Do you know anything about Profvds.com or Libertyvps.net hosting solutions? Trustworthy or not? Any feedbacks?
Other otions please?


Look to do business with a web host that offers support in various means. Whether it's a combination of phone and email or phone and live chat.

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