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Budget VPS hosting for beginners with crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC etc.) | 3v-Hosting

Started by FlyPastaMonster, September 11, 2023, 01:58:31 PM

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Purchasing budget VPS hosting from 3v-Hosting is an excellent solution for beginners in hosting!
In conditions of a shortage of resources, including financial ones, when your project or website is just starting and you do not need large computing resources - buying a budget hosting in Ukraine or the Netherlands allows you to start your project with minimal costs, but without losing the quality of services and quality of service.

VPS-XS - vCPU: 1 core, RAM: 2 Gb, SSD: 15 Gb, 1 x IPv4 - $12/mo
VPS-S - vCPU: 2 cores, RAM: 2 Gb, SSD: 20 Gb, 1 x IPv4 - $16/mo
VPS-M - vCPU: 3 core, RAM: 3 Gb, SSD: 30 Gb, 1 x IPv4 - $20/mo
VPS-L - vCPU: 4 cores, RAM: 4 Gb, SSD: 40 Gb, 1 x IPv4 - $26/mo
VPS-XL - vCPU: 5 cores, RAM: 6 Gb, SSD: 60 Gb, 1 x IPv4 - $32/mo
VPS-XXL - vCPU: 6 cores, RAM: 6 Gb, SSD: 80 Gb, 1 x IPv4 - $40/mo
VPS-XXXL - vCPU: 8 cores, RAM: 8 Gb, SSD: 80 Gb, 1 x IPv4 - $49/mo
VPS-4XL - vCPU: 10 cores, RAM: 10 Gb, SSD: 100 Gb, 1 x IPv4 - $59/mo

IMPORTANT! When ordering and paying for a server for a period of 1 year or more - you save 10%

All you need to buy budget VPS hosting is to write to us at [email protected] or create an order on our website and after five minutes you will have a fast SSD VPS server that you can pay using cryptocurrencies or any other payment methods.

Contact us and we will select for you a suitable server configuration that meets all your needs.

Our contacts:
E-mail: [email protected]

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