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Outlook 2007 - Setting Up Email Accounts


When you open Outlook for the first time in Office 2007, you'll need to configure it to retrieve and send your mail. In addition, you may need to set up folders to organize your incoming messages, as well as mail you've already read.

The first thing you'll need to configure is your email account. You need to know your email address and your email password. You may also need to know the name of your inbound and outbound mail servers for Internet e-mail. If you use a Microsoft Exchange server, you will need to know the name of the Exchange server, as well as the name of your Exchange mailbox. Outlook will use these pieces of information to log into your mail server to retrieve and send messages.

If, for some reason, you have forgotten your email password, consult with the email administrator for your account. Likewise, if you do not know the name of your inbound or outbound mail servers, or your Exchange server, consult with your email administrator.

To set up your mailbox, open Outlook.

Choose Tools > Account Settings. A dialogue box will appear. Choose the Email tab.

Add your email account by clicking the New button. This will start the Add an Email Account Wizard. The Wizard will walk you through the process of entering all relevant information about your mail account. You can use Outlook to manage more than one email account. In fact I have several set up to download into the same inbox!

Once your account has been set up, you can alter the settings by selecting the Change button.

If you use Outlook to manage more than one email account, you will select one account as your "default" account. Outlook will automatically select this account when you open the programme. To choose a new default account, use the "Set As Default" button. Outlook does give you the ability to choose an alternate account before you send any message.

You can delete accounts you no longer use by highlighting the target account and clicking Remove. For obvious reasons, you should be careful with this function.

If an email account does not seem to function properly, you can select the affected account and choose Repair. This feature may restore a non-working email account.

Outlook will require additional configuration, once the basic mail sending and retrieving have been established. We'll cover more of Outlook in our next post.

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