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MS SQL / MySQL - A Case Study


The release of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 on November 7th 2005 created a buzz around the office for IT professionals. The use of SQL server by businesses as in an in house data server has become increasingly more popular, this same popularity is now beginning to shift to the web hosting industry.

With the release of MS SQL 2005 Microsoft had this to say "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 provides an integrated data management and analysis platform that helps organizations reliably manage mission-critical information and confidently run complex business applications. With embedded reporting and data analysis tools included with SQL Server 2005, companies can gain greater insight from their business information." The norm for hosting companies has forever been mySQL. mySQL is a free license database server which has an easy to use php based interface called phpmyadmin.

The difference in these two database platforms has become more apparent since the release of MS SQL 2005. We will look at two website hosting companies one of which offers only mySQL on a windows server ( and one which offers both a mySQL and MS SQL 2005 database to its customers (

It is very difficult to make a performance comparison between SQL Server 2005 and MySQL version 4.1. The performance of your databases depends upon the experience of the database developers and database administrator rather than the database's provider. You can use both of these RDBMS to build stable and efficient systems. It is also possible to define typical transactions used in inventory control systems such as airline reservation systems and banking systems. After defining these typical transactions, it is possible to run them under the different database management systems working with different hardware and software platforms.

The comparison aspect being looked at here is how the two web hosting companies sell their hosting packages and which company in turn produced a greater number of sales based on its database offerings. who offers MSSQL anteed up a large amount of money to host MSSQL for its customers in the hopes that more customers would use the service solely for the MSSQL. The break-even point for was $8,000 because they purchased the MSSQL 2005 standard edition processor specific. This puts at a huge advantage over

Both companies offer hosting for all price levels and incorporate a large array of features, which puts them on a somewhat even playing field if marketing is ignored. and were studied over a period of 1 month. The results of their sales from the period beginning November 7th, and Ending December 7th were as follows: had new sales of only database additions (not including hosting packages without database access) totaling 189 sales which translates into $2,632. The databases are sold based on two criteria size and quantity. offered its databases free during this one-month period and generated no additional revenue from database sales. This puts ahead of by $5,368 at the end of one month by not purchasing MS SQL server.

Now for a projection of sales by's finance department. They determined a growth rate of 10% per month for the next 24 months. At the end of this time the total number of databases sold will equal 1,692.36, which translates into $13,538.88. As long as these forecasts hold will reach its break even point by the 18th month and will turn a profit on the 19th month.

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