Web Hosting For Mysql
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If you are serious about your online business then web hosting for mysql database is a must. Mysql is a version of the sql databases. There are many to choose from, mssql, oracle ms access to name a few.

Web hosting for mysql is considered to be the most popular when coupled with php.

Normally, if you are beginning to use web hosting for MySQL for the first time, or have no other reason to choose a specific version, I recommend going with version 4.1 for new databases, which is the default MySQL on most web hosting for mysql systems.

A brief rundown of the MySQL versions currently in use are:

MySQL 5.0: This is the current stable release. New releases are issued for bugfixes only; no new features are being added that could effect stability.

MySQL 4.1: This is the previous stable release. New releases are issued for critical bugfixes and security fixes. No significant new features are to be added to this series.

MySQL 4.0: This is the old stable release. This version is now retired, so new releases are issued only to fix extremely critical bugs (primarily security issues). You may continue using databases you have in the 4.0 format, however, you cannot upgrade a 4.0 version database to one of the newer database versions. You are always free to export your data from a 4.0 database and re-import into another database of one of the newer versions.

Check when looking for web hosting for mysql because some hosting companies currently only have web hosting for mysql set up on Linux. So make sure you check this out before committing to a purchase as its difficult to get changed over!

Another thing to look out for when deciding upon web hosting for mysql is the restrictions for remote access. If your sharing a server then restrictions to your mysql database will probably apply.

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