Make A Website In Few Hours
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After reading this article, I think any person can make his or her own website within few hours.

The things you may not need:

It is okay if you do not have command over programming or scripting languages. But yes if you have little bit idea about html and php that it would be the add advantage. No need to have much finance.

The things you must have:

You must have connectivity to internet. Some tools like filezilla it helps you to upload and download files from your server.

One domain name:

You must have one domain name e.g. on which we will you want to develop website. If you do not have one that you have to register it from any registrar some of good and reliable registrar are,, you can register domain name which normally costs you from 2 to 9$ for one year.

Hosting server:

You need hosting for your website. Keep in mind your hosting should support PHP, Mysql, Apache (PHP is scripting language, Mysql handles database, Apache is server like IIS but it is cheaper than IIS server).Depending upon your need you can purchase the space like 50mb to 1gb what ever you thing is sufficient for your website.

It costs you around 1 to 2 $ for a month. You may also get hosting services for free many companies giving such promotional offers.

Domain configuration:

When you get your domain set it’s DNS(Domain name server) to the one which is provided to you by your hosting service.

Making your website script:

You need to have script for your website it may be Php or Html as per your convenience. There are millions of script is available for free on the net. You can take one of them or you can easily make it your self using any html editor. You can customize script according to your need if you have little bit knowledge of html ot php.

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