How To Accomplish Data Recovery In Incredimail and Outlook
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When it comes to mail servers and exchanges the presence of virus attacks, corrupted files, and booting issues are very much a reality. Any of these instances can create a problem with your email and cause them to disappear suddenly. It is crucial that you backup your email data to prevent loss. Businesses who fail to have back up and place strong reliance upon communication via email have great problems with these attacks.

There is a solution, it is called email recovery and it is a form of data recovery, only used specifically for lost emails. I don't know how you feel about the possibility of loss of data in your email program, but for my business it could be devastating. The following are a few different examples of the steps you should take, for three of the most popular email servers, for data recovery.

Email Data Recovery in IncrediMail

Step 1-From the IncrediMail menu, click on Select file, then Data and Settings transfer, then Transfer from Old computer

Step 2-Click Ok

Step 3-Click on Open, then Ok

Step 4-Data recovery the begins

Step 5-Upon completion, you will see a dialog box that states that the recovery process has been performed.

Step 6-Click ok

Step 7-Upon clicking ok Incredimail will complete the data recovery process by automatically restarting.

Data Recovery and Email Recovery in Outlook

Step 1-From the Outlook menu, click on file, then Import and Export

Step 2-When the drop down menu appears, click on file or Import from another program

Step 3-Click on Next

Step 4-Highlight the PST (Personal Folder File) with your mouse

Step 5-Click on Next

Step 6-Click on Browse button, choose the PST File backup copy you want to use in data recovery from the appropriate location

Step 7-A dialog will appear, using your mouse mark the Replace Duplicates box, this will replace the duplicated items that are imported. This will begin the process of data recovery

Step 8-Click on Next

Step 9-When data recovery has completed, click on the finish button.

Email Data Recovering in Outlook Express

Step 1-From the Outlook Express menu, click on file, then import, then messages

Step 2-Choose the appropriate version of Outlook Express that you are currently using when asked what email program you are importing from

Step 3-Click on Next

Step 4-A dialog box will appear, ensure that you have chosen the appropriate version of Outlook Express

Step 5-Click on Ok

Step 6-Click on Next

Step 7-Designate the folders you want to import, data recovery will then begin.

Step 8-Click on Next

Step 9-The data recovery process is now complete.

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