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Web hosting is a space on the internet where you can store your website. This space is rented to you by a web hosting company, and you are responsible for designing your website. Web hosting services can be broadly classified into the following categories:

Shared Hosting - The least expensive option, this hosting service provides you with a pre-designed template in which you can build your site. This is the most common type of hosting web service.

Virtual Private Servers - The most common type of hosting service offered by most web hosting companies, VPS allows you to build a fully customized website of your own.

Managed Hosting - This type of hosting provides you with a hosting solution and managed services such as server monitoring, security, firewalls, and regular upgrades, which a dedicated hosting company usually provides.

Dedicated Hosting - This type of hosting is tailored to those who wish to build their web server. Larger hosting companies usually provide this hosting.
A physical server (or servers) dedicated to a single business customer is known as dedicated hosting. The hosting company provides the actual server hardware, the surrounding infrastructure, the related services, and technical support. Since the consumer has total control over the device, they can customize it to meet their specific needs, including those related to performance and security.

Dedicated hosting is the same as a dedicated server, managed server, and dedicated hosting service.
Window web hosting is a popular term to describe web hosting services in which the server is hosted on the same computer as the client. This is considered the least expensive form of web hosting and is a good choice for new businesses with a limited budget, personal websites or blogs. Window web hosting is also known as "shared hosting".