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Other Web Hosting Stuff / Re: Help please. Linux or windows reselling?
« on: March 05, 2021, 11:50:18 AM »
If you want go with any one opensource applications such as PHP/Mysql, then go with Linux. If you prefer any microsoft apps, then go with Windows

Cyber-attackers are constantly targeting user web applications and websites with the ill intent to gain access to sensitive business information. These increasing numbers of data breaches have kept the top-management, and other business decision-makers worried. To avoid all such losses, ESDS has developed eNlight WAF, a specially-engineered & first of a kind Cloud-hosted WAF. This Cloud-hosted WAF filters out all the incoming and outgoing web traffic by restricting malicious threats like SQL Injections, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks.

eNlight WAF allows the users to create their own rules for blocking all web attacks with minimal latency towards page response. eNlight WAF ensures source IP reputation and blocks all blacklisted, spammer and TOR networks. It is a highly cost-effective secure solution that allows users to pay only for utilized resources like CPU, Bandwidth and RAM.

Salient Features of eNlight WAF

•   Virtual Patching

ESDS eNlight WAF generates a set of rules for rectifying the identified vulnerabilities from an uploaded vulnerability scanner report

•   Backed by Machine Learning

Using mathematical algorithms, eNlight WAF uses an approach for learning and modeling typical traffic along with detection of any abnormal requests

•   Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection is integrated with eNlight WAF that allows the system administrators to identify any form of risky behavior and accordingly develop effective filtering policies

•   Load Distribution

Using the HA-Proxy, eNlight WAF distributes all of the incoming traffic across several nodes present in the cluster, which is then dispatched to a farm of web servers

•   Secure Applications and Websites

Users can add multiple applications and websites using customized configurations. A simple and easy-to-understand dashboard helps in easy setup and management of web assets with ease

Value-Added Benefits of eNlight WAF

•   Auto-Scalable WAF Solution- eNlight Cloud, the world’s first dual-patented Cloud hosting platform, supports eNlight WAF, which allows scalability of applications as per demand

•   Auto Protection- Auto protection protects user’s websites against OWASP Top-10 Vulnerabilities and other online threats. The user needs to add his IP or subnet for granting/denying access to any website

•   Cost-Effective Solution- With eNlight WAF, there is no need for any additional hardware or applications as it works on a pay-per-use model

•   Enhanced Protection Against Browser Hacking- With eNlight WAF, users can terminate their SSL connection without incurring much overheads or latency

Leverage eNlight WAF today and secure your critical data hosted on websites and web applications against all online threats and vulnerabilities.

Landing URL:


ESDS Managed Colocation- an enterprise Colocation Service offering you complete control of your machines in world-class infrastructure for hosting your essential IT assets. ESDS Managed Colocation services are combined with eMagic, allowing you to gain enhanced control for your IT assets.

Why ESDS Managed Colocation?

With ESDS Managed Colocation Services, you get the following value-added benefits-

•   Rated-III Indian Data Center offering N+1 Redundancy
•   Ample storage comprising Quarter, Half and Full Racks
•   High-speed data transfers
•   Dedicated IP Addresses
•   Instant Backups
•   eMagic for an on-click server management
•   24x7x365 exuberant customer support

Technology professionals, business decision-makers across industries trust ESDS Managed Colocation Services for hosting their critical IT assets. ESDS Managed Colocation works perfectly with businesses of all sizes allowing them to reduce the overhead IT costs by delivering a customized solution.

Landing URL:


ESDS SAP HANA Community Cloud is a first-of-its-kind Cloud platform that is built by experts. HANA instances are hosted on this platform, which offers complete SAP services. SAP certified experts and administrators takes care of enterprises minute technical needs starting from consultation to implementation.

SAP HANA Community Cloud and SAP Managed Services offered by ESDS:

1. on boarding Services

  • One Time SAP Infrastructure setup as per final sizing
  • Consultation services

2. SPLA License

  • VMware
  • Veritas NetBackup/Commvault

3. SAP Managed Services

  • SAP Basis Support
  • HANA Administration Service
  • Sybase/MaxDB etc.
  • SAP HANA/SUSE Failover-Cluster Service (Configuration, daily monitoring & management)

4. Infra Managed Services

  • 24x7 Advanced Monitoring Service
  • OS, Storage, backup, Network & Security

5. DR Setup

  • One Time DR infra setup
  • DR Drills & Reporting
  • RTO/RPO monitoring
  • Replication Monitoring & Configuration

6. Compute/Storage

  • Certified SAP Cloud
  • SAP HANA on TDI (Physical/Cloud) & Certified Appliance Model
  • Performance Disk space (SAS) – 300 IOPS/TB
  • High Performance Disk space (SSD) – 3000 IOPS/TB
  • Backup solution – Data/Snapshot

7. Network and Security

  • Physical/Virtual Firewalls
  • SIEM, DDoS Service
  • IPSec/SSL VPN, Internet/MPLS Link/Shared P2P Links


We are offering 20% discount to those users who have their existing SAP infrastructure and are interested in migrating to ESDS SAP HANA Community Cloud.

The benefits continue as we train your monitoring team and we additionally, offer FREE Monitoring service (Application Monitoring OR SAP & DB Monitoring) for the first 6 months.

We offer FREE certification to 2 team members of customer’s choice in Cloud Computing Basics after migration completion.

Migrate on ESDS SAP HANA Community Cloud and get benefits such as:


We are offering 6 months free SAP BASIS services for optimum maintenance and on-demand support. Our qualified team of SAP BASIS experts can assist you with all kinds of technical support ranging from BASIS administration to pre-installation planning and resource sizing for application and database.

Lower TC

Convert your CAPEX into OPEX with minimal upfront investment for your HANA landscape.

Faster Deployment

Our SAP HANA experts analyze your infrastructure requirements and effectively reduce the deployment period from days to mere hours.

Scalable Infrastructure

With planned growth of your organization, we offer you the right infrastructure with more memory space, disk space, etc for peak performance when your enterprise needs it.

Higher Transparency with Better Control

With sophisticated control panel, get complete transparency at granular level to manage your virtual machines and customize SLAs with ESDS’ experts.

We offer FREE certification to 2 team members of customer’s choice in Cloud Computing Basics after migration completion.

A VPS hosting service is the blend of shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. In Linux VPS hosting, the virtual private server runs on a Linux system i.e. the operating system. In the Linux VPS hosting, the Server is divided into various multiple servers such that they stay unbiased in terms of memory, server resources, bandwidth, and other technical resources. Affordable and high performance Linux Virtual Private Servers to handle multiple websites and customers.

Get an instant 20% OFF on Linux VPS Hosting & host your website using code: VPS20

Why Choose Host.co.in?

With host.co.in stand apart in the sphere of World Wide Web with maximum flexibility offering elevated packages for all your business needs ensuring smooth execution of your business activities.

Features of Linux VPS Hosting:

•   Complete Control
•   Host multiple websites
•   Strong Platform
•   Create your own hosting environment
•   Limitless Data Transfer
•   Customizable Disaster Recovery Solution
•   Choose your preferred Control Panel

You can browse HOST.CO.IN plans and then select the best that fits your business-

Linux VPS Starter Plan:

•   Now 20% OFF(Annually)
•   2vCPU Core
•   1 GB RAM
•   500GB Data transfer
•   40GB Storage
•   cPanel or Plesk
•   Full Root Access
•   30 Days Money Back Policy
•   1-Click Scripts installer

Monthly Cost: ₹999 | Order Now

Linux VPS Business:

•   Now 20% OFF(Annually)
•   3vCPU Core
•   2 GB RAM
•   750GB Data transfer
•   60GB Storage
•   cPanel or Plesk
•   Full Root Access
•   30 Days Money Back Policy
•   1-Click Scripts installer

Monthly Cost: ₹1999 | Order Now

Linux VPS Enterprise:

•   Now 20% OFF(Annually)
•   4vCPU Core
•   4 GB RAM
•   ! TB Data transfer
•   80GB Storage
•   cPanel or Plesk
•   Full Root Access
•   30 Days Money Back Policy
•   1-Click Scripts installer

Monthly Cost: ₹24999 | Order Now

Initiate a LIVE CHAT with one of our friendly sales advisor to avail exclusive benefits! You can also reach us through- E-mail:  [email protected] or Phone: 0253 6636520.

What are you waiting for? Just avail the benefits of Host.co.in Linux VPS Hosting for all your business needs.

VPS Hosting / Re: VPS ... what is the best
« on: January 15, 2020, 10:48:34 AM »
Host.co.in brings you an amazing offer with 20% OFF on Linux VPS Hosting. Robust VPS Servers to secure Linux VPS, 99.5% uptime SLA, with 24/7 support and your preferred control panel.

Coupon Code: VPS20

Limitless Data Transfer
Full Root Access
30 Days Money Back Policy
1-Click Scripts Installer

Other Web Hosting Stuff / Re: How to choose web host
« on: July 15, 2019, 03:48:00 PM »
There are many web hosting plans available online, but you can choose based on the below few factors

    Tools you want to choose to build the website - Open Source or Paid
    Windows based or Linux based - OS
    Paid or free hosting
    Services hosting company is offering

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